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Executive Committee

The UMASC Executive Committee for the 2018-2019 academic year is listed below. The Executive Committee is responsible for guiding the Chapter, raising funds for Chapter activities, and organizing competent Guest Speaker Luncheons and Technical Tours. Any member of the Executive Committee can be reached at uofm.arema.sc@gmail.com.

President - Reza Kashi

Reza is in his second year of M.S. studies in Transportation Engineering. He received a bachelor’s degree in Railway Transportation Engineering from Iran University of Science and Technology. His research focuses on railway safety and rail maintenance, but he is more than happy to discuss anything transportation related, and explore more about this major industry in Canada.

This is Reza’s second year in the UMASC, and he is looking forward to take responsibilities associated with president position of AREMA this year. When not found working on the railroad, he occupies his time strumming guitar and enjoying the outdoors!

Vice President - Bilal Muhammad Jan

My name is Bilal and I am currently a 4th year civil engineering undergrad student. This is my second year as a member of the UMASC group and I am excited to be a part of it. I am looking forward to taking the responsibility as vice-president of the group and learn from my seniors and through the experience I gain in process. I gained my interest in transportation and especially railway engineering through the many positive aspects that I have heard of and I am more than willing to give it a shot by joining this group. I hope to gain valuable experience through my time spent here in the group and learn from my experienced seniors. When I'm done for the day, I usually enjoy spending my time either swimming or reading.

Technical Chair - Maryam Ghaffari Dolama

Maryam, M.SC. MBA, is Ph.D. Candidate in Transportation Engineering at the University of Manitoba. Her research and consulting experience involves traffic microsimulation modelling, transportation asset management with focus on monetizing user cost, optimizing traffic performance at rail grade crossings, grade separation criteria of rail crossings, optimizing arterial work zone layouts by joint use of microsimulation models and quantifying user cost, adaptive traffic signal technology, transportation impact studies, and transportation information systems and analysis. Before joining the Transportation Industry, she extensively involved in designing and leading major civil infrastructure projects.

Treasurer - Richard Doucet

Richard is in the 4th year of his B.Sc in Civil Engineering. It is his third year in the Student Chapter. He is excited to be involved with the group this year and will try to organize new styles of events. He has gained valuable railway knowledge through his co-op with the Canadian Pacific Railway. When he is not day dreaming about trains, Richard enjoys playing squash, cycling and doing yoga.

Secretary - Joseph Athanasious

is currently a 4th year undergraduate student in Civil Engineering at the University of Manitoba, with interests in structural or transportation engineering. Joseph has had some field engineering experience while working with BBE Hydro Constructors last summer at the Manitoba Hydro Keeyask project and while working with Con-Pro Industries during the 2017 summer.
As the secretary for the AREMA group this year, Joseph is looking forward to taking all tasks and responsibilities of the position. This is his first year as a UMASC group member and his goal is to learn about railway systems in North America through the various AREMA events and conferences with professional experts. During his free time, Joseph enjoys playing all kinds of sports and especially soccer.

Faculty Advisor - Dr. Jonathan Regehr

Dr. Jonathan Regehr, P.Eng. is an Associate Professor in Civil Engineering at the University of Manitoba and works as a private transportation consultant. His research and consulting experience involves transportation information systems and analysis, freight transportation, railway engineering, traffic engineering, and road safety. Dr. Regehr is the current Director of the Manitoba Highway Traffic Information System, a partnership between Manitoba Infrastructure and the University of Manitoba. Dr. Regehr currently serves as Co-Chair of the Transportation Research Board's (TRB) committee on Highway Traffic Monitoring. He is also a Member of TRB’s Truck Size and Weight committee and a Board Member for the International Society for Weigh-in-Motion.

Previous Executives

(2017 - 2018)