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Executive Committee

The UMASC Executive Committee for the 2016-2017 academic year is listed below. The Executive Committee is responsible for guiding the Chapter, raising funds for Chapter activities, and organizing competent Guest Speaker Luncheons and Technical Tours. Any member of the Executive Committee can be reached at uofm.arema.sc@gmail.com.

President - Richard Doucent

Richard Doucet is in his 3rd year of his B.Sc in Civil engineering. This is his second year in the student chapter. Richard is looking forward to planning exciting events related to the railway industry as well as sharing his passion for trains. He likes to keep busy by playing squash, Cycling and enjoying the outdoors.

This is Richard’s first year holding an executive position. He has been exposed to the railway industry for numerous years through his summer job where he worked on-board passenger trains that travelled all over Canada. He is excited to combine his Engineering background with his railway experience. His modo is “Once a railroader, always a railroader”.

Vice President - Jashan Bhullar

Jashandeep Singh Bhullar is 5 th year undergraduate student. This is his third year as UMASC student chapter member. Jashan was interested in passenger and freight rail use and through transportation course he took during his undergraduate studies he come to know about AREMA student chapter and become part of it in 2015. He served as secretary of the student chapter in past year and look forward to take new responsibilities as vice-president of AREMA student chapter this year. 

He has completed his high school from India and India have one of the world’s biggest passenger rail network. He was impressed with the role railway play in the nation’s economy growth. Through his past work terms, he had gained experience of Geotechnical Engineering. He is interested in the new expansion and design considerations for the rail networks as how the underlying soil conditions effect the design with the entire harsh Canadian climate.  He is interested to explore more about the railway industry and about the opportunities in this big industry.

Secretary - Reza Kashi Mansouri

is in his first year of M.S. studies in Transportation Engineering. He has graduated from Iran University of Science and Technology in Railway Transportation Engineering. His research focuses on railway associated issues, but he is more than happy to discuss anything transportation related, and explore more about this major industry in Canada.

This is Reza’s first year in the UMASC, and he is looking forward to take responsibilities associated with secretary position of AREMA this year. When not found working on the railroad, he occupies his time strumming guitar and enjoying the outdoors!

Treasurer - Bilal Muhammad Jan

My name is Bilal Muhammad Jan and I am currently a 3rd year civil engineering undergrad student. This is my first year as a member of the UMASC group and I am excited to be a part of it. I am looking forward to taking the responsibility as treasurer of the group and learn from my seniors and through the experience I gain in process. I gained my interest in transportation and especially railway engineering through the many positive aspects that I have heard of and I am more than willing to give it a shot by joining this group. I hope to gain valuable experience through my time spent here in the group and learn from my experienced seniors. When I'm done for the day, I usually enjoy spending my time either swimming or reading.

Faculty Advisor - Dr. Jonathan Regehr

Dr. Jonathan Regehr, P.Eng. is an Assistant Professor in Civil Engineering at the University of Manitoba and works as a private transportation consultant. His research and consulting experience involves transportation information systems and analysis, freight transportation, railway engineering, traffic engineering, and road safety. Dr. Regehr is the current Director of the Manitoba Highway Traffic Information System, a partnership between Manitoba Infrastructure and the University of Manitoba. Dr. Regehr currently serves as Co-Chair of the Transportation Research Board's (TRB) committee on Highway Traffic Monitoring. He is also a Member of TRB’s Truck Size and Weight committee and a Board Member for the International Society for Weigh-in-Motion.