Welcome to the University of Manitoba AREMA Student Chapter (UMASC) website! We are the first AREMA Student Chapter in Canada and enter the 2018/2019 academic year following a very successful inaugural year. We grew to over 30 students members and hosted guest lectures from various members of industry and even were given a tour of the CN Symington Yards in Winnipeg. If you are a civil, mechanical, or electrical engineering student interested in the railway industry, you've come to the right place!

Here on our website you'll find an up-to-date calendar of all our events and activities, summaries of our past activities (along with photos!), useful information on the railway industry, and continuously updated resources that can help you learn more. We will also have surveys and forms posted from time-to-time to get feedback from our members that will help steer the Student Chapter towards achieving the educational goals of our members.

We are also interested in supporting the work and research interests of our current members.

AREMA Education Foundation Scholarship
AREMA offers various scholarships with various different requirements. The deadline for the current year is December 7, 2018. For more information, please click here.

AREMA 2018 Annual Conference

September 14-17, 2018


Richard Doucet, UMASC President

Bilal Muhammad Jan, UMASC Treasurer

Sakher Ghanem, UMASC Member

AREMA presents opportunities for group members to enhance their understanding of the industry and network with different engineers in the railway industry by conducting a conference annually. These conferences take place in the US, the previous one being located in Chicago. This is a great opportunity for our group members to not only get to know of the latest technology around in the railway industry but most of all this helps students to grow their social network in a meaningful way as different companies such as CP are a part of this conference and are on the look for a potential future employee.

The conference consists of four days in total and kicks off with a usual ceremony with the President of AREMA giving a brief introduction on the different accomplishments that have happened the following year and later the ceremony concludes with a scholarship award distributed amongst AREMA student chapter members only. Later AREMA chapter executive members are invited to a separate event whereby future guidelines are provided and a discussion panel is set up to discuss how the group can be further improved.

The second and third day are usually the most important days of the event whereby different companies set up booths and students are encouraged to ask questions from the potential employers. This has proved beneficial for the group as networking is the prime focus of such events and students can speak to important personalities in the industry.

The event concludes with a lecture provided with a brief introduction to the different technologies that are being researched in the industry or need to be researched in the future concluded by lunch and a speech whereby students reflect on their experience throughout the conference.

Finally, UMASC would like to thank the Engineering Endowment Fund, UMES, and AREMA for their financial support that makes attending conferences like this possible. The 2018 AREMA Conference was an amazing experience and with this year’s conference in the books, the chapter looks forward to attending the next AREMA conference in Minneapolis in 2019!


Congratulations to Jared Vanderwees on being awarded the Committee 27 - Maintenance-of-Way Work Equipment Scholarship, Caleb Olfert on being awarded the Wayne Russell Memorial Scholarship, all presented by the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association.

A list of all of this years AREMA Scholarship winners can be found on the AREMA Website. Congratulations to all of this year's winner and we encourage everyone to apply next year!

Photo Competition with TRAINS Magazine
Hi all,
We are having a photography competition and TRAINS Magazine (www.trn.trains.com) is sponsoring it. The goal of this competition is to see who can capture the greatest, most epic, eternal, soul moving, bluesy, bring-a-tear-to-your-eye photograph of a train.
We have developed three distinct themes that each member can submit to (you are allowed to submit one photograph per theme). Photographs will be posted to our Google+ and Facebook page so everyone can see what they are up against. The themes are song names and the performers are provided, along with links to the songs for inspiration:

Boxcar Blues by Boxcar Willie - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4D-g7pIn3i8

- Photos of boxcars, the more rustic and lonely the better! Take a photo that can make the judges shed a tear and I

         guarantee you'll win!


Downtown Train by Tom Waits - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ja2evWhGWHA

- One of the UMASC President's favorite songs, so this is going to be a competitive category! Pictures have to show

          evidence of Winnipeg's downtown area, skyline or recognizable buildings/structures.


Homeward Bound by Simon and Garfunkel - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7z9wd9bS1FM

- Category added by the VP of UMASC, so again, likely going to be competitive! These photographs have to be of

         passenger trains, ideally returning to Winnipeg (i.e., coming home!).


The competition will close at the end of February. The winner will get respect.... just kidding! The winner will get a $50 gift card to Boston Pizza and their photograph published in a print issue of TRAINS Magazine. The winners of each category will get a $15 gift card and their photograph posted on the chapter website and TRAINS Magazine website.


Please submit all photographs via e-mail to uofm.arema.sc@gmail.com and include details of the location and time of your photograph. If the picture has a story to it, I encourage you to share that as well.


Remember, it is illegal and very dangerous to trespass on railroad property, any photograph showing evidence, or suggesting, the photographer is on railroad property will be disqualified.


Have fun, and we're looking forward to seeing all the great pictures!!