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We at UMASC are interested in helping students gain employment in the rail industry both as students and as graduates. We are currently working to form links with local rail companies to further this goal. Below you will find current information on local rail companies and a consultancy group and various employment opportunities available outside of UMASC.

Canadian Pacific Railway
The Canadian Pacific Railway was founded in 1881 as the transcontinental railway to unite Canada. Today, over 125 years later, the CPR is a dynamic railway operating in 6 provinces, 13 states, and serving over 1100 communities. CP employs about 16,100 people and runs on 14,700 miles of track.(cpr)

Canadian National Railway
The Canadian National Railway was original founded as a government controlled amalgamation of other railways. It became a publicly traded corporation in the 1990s. Today, CN is an industry leader employing about 22,000 people, and running 20,600 miles of track. CN covers 75% of the American population and services all major Canadian markets.(cn)

AECOM Consulting
AECOM is a global consulting firm founded in 1990. AECOM operates around the world and focuses on many aspects of design, engineering, and project management in many major fields. In Manitoba, AECOM's rail division is involved in grain elevator siding design along with many other projects. (AC)